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           TROUBLE IN PARADISE: 'A Secret Night Walk'


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Micro Project Overview | Trouble in Paradise | 'A Secret Night Walk'

Trouble in Paradise

Prologue: ‘A Secret Night Walk’

This work is a reflection on the Covid-19 lock-down in Spain. The work talks about the memories provoked by the Spanish ‘State of Alarm’ -  the virus, or danger of some description,  is represented in this series and accompanying poem by the flickering over-powering street lights. I also consider how the State of Alarm has affected me personally and its implications in the wider gay community.

There are many older gay men living here in Sitges. Many older gay men living with HIV. For this reason Covid-19 was a massive concern for lots of friends of mine - and of course, it bought back memories of times when HIV meant AIDS and essentially a death sentence. And this caused issues as most folk here are single and meeting up with people - for whatever reason - is an important and regular event. 

The work also reflects on the intangible loneliness felt at this time - this is represented in the series by the absence of people within the frame but also by the distorted elements within the B&W images; something that could be tentatively considered in the same breath as Jacques Derrida's, Hauntology

This work discusses the feeling of isolation within the gay community in Sitges over the period of the State of Alarm - among the most ridged in Europe. It also reflects on my own feelings of isolation both culturally and emotionally over this difficult period. 

Prologue: ‘A Secret Night Walk’ is the first micro project in ‘Trouble in Paradise’ - a project that will discuss the far reaching affects of the Covid-19 economic fallout.